April Birthstone: Diamond

Discover the history and unique
qualities of one of the world's most
sought-after gemstones.
"Natural Diamond"

Learn About Citrine Gemstone | Modern Gem Jewelry®

Learn About Citrine

Citrine has been prized since ancient times for its ability to bring success and fortune to those who wear it. It is also known as the "success stone" because of these properties. 
Learn About Peridot

Learn About Peridot

August's captivating birthstone, peridot, has been appreciated for its beauty since antiquity. This gem was thought to contain a number of characteristics that brought a variety of benefits, includ...
Learn About Tanzanite Gemstones | Modern Gem Jewelry®

Learn About Tanzanite

The Tanzanite, and the event that led to its birth, represent the gemstone's ability to transform negative energy into positive energy. Due to its pleochroic nature, Tanzanite changes color when vi...
Learn About Pearl | MODERN GEM JEWELRY

Learn About Pearl

Since ancient times, the pearl has been treasured for its beautiful sheen and unparalleled beauty. Spiritual transformation, purity, clarity, and wisdom have all been linked to this intriguing sea ...

Learn About Opal

There aren't many gemstones with as extensive a legend as an opal. Opal has long been thought to be a powerful stone that induces mystical vision and boosts creativity.
Learn About Garnet | MODERN GEM JEWELRY

Learn About Garnet

Natural " Garnet" derived its name from the Latin word " Garantus", which translates into modern English as "seedlike". This comparison makes perfect sense since small garnets are identical to the ...

Learn About Ruby

Red is a color that is affiliated with passion and love. This may be one of the reasons why this precious stone is one of the most popular engagement ring options. Ruby is the birthstone for July a...
Learn About Chrysoberyl | MODERN GEM JEWELRY

Learn About Chrysoberyl

It is believed that chrysoberyl is a rare and underrated gem. As a result, most retailers don't have it in stock at all. It's the original "cat's eye," the third hardest gem mineral, and it can als...
Learn About Kunzite | MODERN GEM JEWELRY

Learn About Kunzite

Kunzite is a relatively new addition to the world of precious stones. As the legend goes, Tiffany & Co.'s mineralogist, George Frederick Kunz, received specimens of an as-yet-unidentified pink ...


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