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Topaz is a gorgeous gem that occurs naturally in many beautiful shades but very seldom in purple, pink, and dark blue. It is colourless or brown in its purest form. Names like "Blue Topaz", "Pink Topaz", and others are commonly used to identify coloured varieties of natural topaz. Rarer types of this gem have trade names such as imperial topaz and sherry topaz.

Although the actual origin of its name is uncertain, many assume it originated from the Greek word "topazios", which refers to a small island in the Red Sea. Before the development of modern mineralogy, this island was a source of peridot, which was once mistaken to be topaz. According to other sources, the name derives from the Sanskrit word tapas, which signifies "fire."

While these rocks and deposits can be found in mining areas worldwide, Brazil remains the primary source of this precious stone. The Ural Mountains in Russia and Texas in the USA are the regions that produce the majority of natural blue topaz. Silver topaz is a colourless variant of this gem found in Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and China. Pink topaz, on the other hand, because of its extreme rarity, is only found in Russia and the Kallang region of Pakistan.



Topaz has the legacy of having been around for centuries and has attracted attention with its many unique properties. About 2000 years ago, Natural Garnet used this gem for decorations in the Muslim World. Natural Topaz is known as the gemstone of forgiveness and truth. Topaz was one of the 12 stones used to lay the foundation for the New Jerusalem's walls in heaven, according to the Bible. While the Egyptians attributed the gem's radiant glow to the mighty Sun God "Ra," the Romans, on the other hand, dedicated it to Jupiter, the king of all gods.



Hardness and Strength

Topaz is a hard and durable gemstone with a Mohs Scale of 8, making it ideal and perfect for daily wear. A Topaz, like any other gem, must be kept safe from hard effects.

The perfect separation of this stone can be difficult to achieve during the cutting process. However, most cutters place the stone's table 5-10% off the cleavage plane. As a result, the stone is much more stable, making it ideal for a wide range of jewellery, including rings, necklaces, and earrings.


Most naturally occurring topaz stones are mainly colourless, dull, and occasionally very lightly tinted crystals. As a result of technological advancements, numerous strategies and techniques are now used to improve the colour and sparkle of this gemstone.



Topaz is among the most prominent semi-precious gems on the market, especially the blue varieties. Numerous factors influence the quality of this appealing gemstone, the most pertinent of which is the colour.


Natural Topaz gemstone comes in a variety of colours, but pure topaz is colourless and contains inclusions. Most topaz stones are given a more profound and brighter colour by a good quality cut and industrial treatments. The price of an extremely rare pink or orange topaz is comparable to that of a more common colour, such as yellow.

Imperial topaz is by far the most expensive variety of topaz found in nature. It is scarce and has a bright orange colour with pink undertones. 

A genuine Imperial topaz is never treated, irradiated, or coloured artificially.


Eye-visible inclusions are rare in faceted blue topaz, but they can be found in this gemstone's other rare hued varieties. If a topaz has a rare colour, inclusions will not have a substantial impact on its pricing. A common coloured topaz with visible inclusions, on the other hand, will lose a lot of its value and cost.


Topaz stones, like diamonds, have perfect cleavage, which makes them sparkle magnificently if they are well-cut. Topaz comes in a variety of shapes and cuts; the most popular among them are the emerald and cushions. Pear, marquise, triangular, and oval are the most popular cuts for this semi-precious stone.


Topaz stones are relatively affordable because they are readily available in large sizes. Apart from the carat weight, many other factors must be considered when purchasing this gemstone. The Cut, colour, and clarity of topaz are essential factors in determining the value and price of a Topaz gemstone. 

When a precious topaz is larger than 10 carats, the value of the stone increases exponentially. Due to its abundance of availability, Natural Topaz is widely regarded as an affordable gemstone and is used in designing many types of jewellery. 

Topaz can be classified into the following quality categories based on its different properties:


Only the top 1% of incredibly rare natural topaz stones fall into this category, which is eye-clean and brilliant. They are completely free of visible inclusions and have a distinct Swiss blue colour.


The top 10% of topaz stones fall into this category, also having the eye-clean property, indicating the non-existence of visible inclusions. This category's gemstones have a light Swiss blue colour as a feature.


This category includes the top 33% of accessible topaz stones. They are sky blue with slight inclusions visible.


This section includes the top 75% of available topaz stones, light sky blue in colour and range from minor to moderate inclusions.


Care Guides

  • Topaz is a magnificent gemstone with good hardness, but its perfect cleavage, which can be reduced with a good cut, makes it sensitive to surface cracks when hardly struck. To guarantee that your topaz jewellery lasts a lifetime, keep these precautionary measures in mind.

  • Wearing topaz jewellery while doing household chores, exercising, or engaging in any activity that may accumulate sweat and dirt is not recommended.
  • Avoid exposing your jewellery to direct sunlight or any other source of heat for an extended period.
  • Use warm soapy water and a soft brush to clean your topaz jewellery. Rinse thoroughly after washing to remove any soap residue. To dry, use a soft cloth.
  • To avoid scratches, keep topaz separate from other gemstone jewellery.
  • For secure storage, use a soft cloth or a fabric-lined box.
  • Avoid cleaning this gemstone with ultrasonic cleaners or steamers.




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