March's Birthstone: Aquamarine

Delve into the rich history, lore and unique
qualities of March's pacific gem - a relic of ethereal tranquility!

Perfect Proposal Song | Modern Gem Jewelry

Perfect Proposal Songs and Ideas

The music you play while you get down on one knee to propose to the one you love might have a significant impact on the reaction she has. It can help calm your nerves and bring a sense of romance t...
Top Creative Proposal Ideas During Covid in 2022

Top Creative Proposal Ideas During Covid in 2022

Covid-19 and her subsequent lockdowns have caused many problems over the past year. The pandemic has affected our lives in many ways we wouldn't have ever dreamt of. Basic things like traveling, sp...
Sparkle Your Proposal this 2022- Modern Gem Jewelry

Sparkle Your Proposal in 2022: Diamond, Lab Diamond or Moissanite ?

The center stone of an engagement ring is a significant dilemma that many couples encounter when selecting a center stone for their engagement ring. You've probably heard the expression "all that g...


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