Your Complete Guide to Jewelry Sizing

Ring Sizing

It's really simple. First, please check out the printing instructions for the Saratti Ring Size Guide, print it correctly and then follow the instructions on the guide.

Please note the following printing instructions to ensure accuracy when using the Ring Size Guide:

Before you measure your ring size, make sure to use this guide printed in US Letter size and scaled to 100%. If you’re printing with Adobe Acrobat Reader, this is how to do make sure the measurements line up:

Go to the print menu (CTRL + P / Command + P)

Get to the Page Sizing and Handling section

Select Actual Size and select Print.

If you have trouble getting the measurements right, please get in touch at and we'll help you out!

For that, consult the Saratti Ring Size Guide right here. Print it out and follow the instructions on the sheet to obtain the correct measurements.

Explore our International Ring Size Comparison Chart to ensure a perfect fit for your chosen piece – a helpful guide for accurately determining your ring size across different regions.

Bracelet Sizing

  1. Take a tape measure, a length of string, or a strip of paper.
  2. Wrap it around the wrist where you plan to wear your bracelet. Mark the point where it meets. If you're stacking bracelets, measure where each one will be worn.
  3. Place your string or paper strip on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure up to the mark and check out the Saratti Bracelet Size Chart to find your size.

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