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May's Birthstone: Emerald

Dive into the rich history, lore and unique
qualities of May's one and only gemstone jardin!

Aurea Apotheosis Ruby and Diamond Ring

Natural Ruby Rings vs. Synthetic Ruby Rings: What You Need to Know

Since times of old, rubies, with their fiery crimson tones and head-turning beauty have been lust-worthy. This glamour girl gemstone now in our modern era, has evolved. So, we are going to examine...
2.08cts Oval Purple Natural Spinel Gemstone

August's Birthstones: All About Peridot and Spinel Gemstones

Not many months boast more than one birthstone and August is in this unique category with not one but two enchanting birthstones: Spinel and Peridot. These beautiful gemstones have been prized for...
What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Natural Ruby Ring?

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Natural Ruby Ring?

Few precious gemstones adorn the Earth with captivating charm and the elegance quite like the ruby. This highly sought-after and rare gemstone has been treasured for centuries, adorning crowns of ...
Triangular Natural Spinel Gemstone

What Are the Different Colors of Natural Spinel Gemstones?

The world of gemstones is certainly a stage on which there are a lot of actors, with stories that are full stage plays in themselves. From being the centerpieces of amorous alliances among the upp...
Champagne Natural Imperial Topaz Gemstone

How to Identify Natural Imperial Topaz

Celebrated for its exquisite rarity and beauty, Imperial Topaz has a great history that dates back centuries. This beautiful stone is believed to have been discovered in the late 18th century in B...

What to Look for When Buying a Natural Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarine stands out as a true spectacle and marvel among the kaleidoscope of gemstones. With an enchanting blend of blue and green hues that are very reminiscent of the serene depths of the ocea...
Oval Halo Prong Set Gold Ruby Ring with Diamonds

What Are the Different Types of Natural Opal?

With their enchanting play-of-color and unique formation, opals have captivated humanity for years. In this exploration of opals, we are diving into the many types that have captivated gemstone en...
Tanzanite Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold

What Should You Look for When Buying Tanzanite Jewelry?

In the world of rare gemstones, Tanzanites have their own tier. They are quite unparalleled when it comes to beauty and allure and thus, have gained massive popularity due to their mesmerizing cha...
Natural Tanzanite Gemstone Cushion Cut

What Are the Advantages of Buying Loose Cut Gemstones Online?

Loose gemstones are simply those that have been set in a piece of jewelry. For a long time, they have been prized for their beauty and versatility in the making of jewelry. Whether you are someone...


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