March's Birthstone: Aquamarine

Delve into the rich history, lore and unique
qualities of March's pacific gem - a relic of ethereal tranquility!

blue moissanite ring

Why Moissanite Rings Are the Smart Choice for Budget-Conscious Modern Couples

For most couples seeking wedding jewelry, price is top of mind, and most of the time, it inhibits the ability to go all out and craft something truly representative of the story the piece is inten...
santa maria aquamarine ring

How to Identify an Authentic Santa Maria Aquamarine Ring

It is very difficult to think of a gemstone piece more coveted than a Santa Maria aquamarine ring. Due to a lack of understanding of quality indicators and gemstone authenticity, a lot of jewelry ...
Antique Inspired Royal Blue Sapphire White Gold Ring

How to Identify Authentic Antique Sapphire Flower Rings

Antique sapphire flower rings are some of the most unique styles in the realm of jewelry. They combine the romance of the sapphire and the elegance of the eras of the past and are very highly soug...
Teardrop Shape ruby ring

Why the Cut of Your Ruby Matters: The Beauty of the Teardrop Shape

The cut of a ruby holds a lot of importance in the world of colored gemstones especially in the teardrop shape. In this article, we explore the draw and appeal of teardrop rubies and why this cut ...
Benefits of Wearing a Men's Tourmaline Ring
Gemstones Guide

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Men's Tourmaline Ring?

Men are increasingly drawn to tourmaline because it allows them to express their individuality and maintain a contemporary and fashionable aesthetic. Also, there is a surging interest in alternati...
Heart Shape Imperial Topaz Gemstones
Gemstones Guide

Why Heart-Shaped Gemstones are the Ultimate Symbol of Love

Very few symbols emote the romantic sentiment quite like heart-shaped gemstones in the world of jewelry. These entrancing gems with their symbolic importance have been cherished for decades as tok...
Pear Cut Kunzite Gemstone

How to Care for Pear Shaped Gemstones to Preserve Their Luster over Time

Dating all the way back to the 1400s, the pear of teardrop shape stone is a beautiful mixture of the jagged point of the marquise cut and the round base of the oval. With its distinctive shape, it ...
How to Identify High-Quality Champagne Colored Gemstones
Gemstones Guide

How to Identify High-Quality Champagne Colored Gemstones

Champagne colored gemstones are stones with a brown hue and a yellow tint, resembling the color of champagne. Originally just known as brown diamonds, their popularity began to rise when Australia’...
Emerald Cut Diamond Gemstone

How to Care for Emerald Cut Stones to Ensure They Last a Lifetime

The emerald cut is one that is old as time with a rich history. This distinctive cut was originally developed for the emerald stone. It features a square or rectangular shape with trimmed edges. Th...


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