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How to Authenticate Your Teardrop Emerald Ring: Expert Tips on Verification

Emeralds are the epitome of dream verdant gleam in the world of gemstones, and few cuts amp up the gorgeous stakes than the pear-cut/teardrop shape. Making sure your teardrop emerald is indeed authentic is of capital importance, since it represents a significant investment in monetary value & on the aesthetic front. In this guide, we will explore the core considerations and tips when it comes to how to verify the authenticity of your emerald teardrop ring, with a focus on authentication methods, gemstone certification processes, identifying genuine emeralds, notable gem labs and more.

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Verifying Emerald Quality

As mentioned ad nauseam on the Uncut, when it comes to gemstones, the 4Cs apply (cut, color, clarity & carat weight). It is no different for teardrop emerald gemstones. However, a few clarifications are in order.

On the subject of color, the most prized emeralds have even tone, with a bluish green to pure green color. The tone must also not be too dark. Trace elements present & geological conditions during the formation of the emerald influence the color of an emerald, generally. In addition to these, one must bear in mind gemstone and gem treatments (ways of enhancing the color and clarity of gemstones to enhance their appearance).

Emerald Inclusion Patterns

Natural emeralds have inclusions known as “jardin” (French for garden); the garden-looking patterns unique to each emerald, which can be used as some sort of fingerprint of authenticity. These patterns are examined by experts under magnification to aid the process of determining the natural origin (or otherwise) of your teardrop emerald.  

When it comes to clarity, it is generally accepted (by customers & experts alike) to have inclusions visible to the naked eye.

It’s one of the gorgeous selling points of emeralds; the stunning visual effect created by the combination of the green color and these inclusions. Eye-clean emeralds command a premium price due to their rarity, and without expert opinion (check out the next paragraph) with respect to their authenticity, it is wise to steer clear. There’s a very good chance you might be synthetic or simulant. Without transparency as to what you’re buying, it is important that you stay vigilant as a customer and apply good judgment when called upon for an investment as significant & sentimental as a teardrop emerald.

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Emerald Authentication Methods

The first rule of gemstone authentication is (and we say that all the time in the Uncut): CONSULT THE EXPERTS. When we talk about experts here, we mean world-class gem laboratories.

They have the tools, expertise and proper processes to ensure and assure you of the authenticity or otherwise of your teardrop emerald. The world of gemstones is fast-evolving and the techniques of counterfeiting precious stones are evolving by the hour. The methods employed by these world-class gem laboratories (a few of which we will discuss in the section below), range from visual inspection by specialists, to advanced gemological testing with specialized equipment. In addition to these, modern technological means such as spectroscopy, microscopy & more are deployed and play an incredibly significant role in accurately certifying/verifying the authenticity of your teardrop emerald gemstone(s).

Gemstone Certification Process

When you have consulted the experts, and your teardrop emerald gemstone has been analyzed sufficiently, you obtain a gemstone certificate. It contains all the technical details, the comments and comprehensive assessment of the gemstone by trained professionals. It also tells you whether it is authentic or not, in addition to providing all the important details about the stone’s characteristics, attributes, origin and whether or not the stone was treated.

The certificate is essential as proof of the authenticity of your teardrop emerald, and we highly encourage and recommend its procurement, not only for your teardrop emerald, but for every gemstone you purchase (from a trusted jeweler like Saratti, of course). It grants you certainty, absolute and complete peace of mind when it comes to what you are buying and is critical for things like jewelry insurance.

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Trusted Gemstone Laboratories

Here are some of the gem labs we work with at Saratti:

1. GIA (Gemological Institute of America): 

This is the premier, most respectable repository of knowledge on gemstones and gem laboratory & educator in the world with a track record spanning over 100 years. This storied entity has defined gemstone grading and pioneered game-changing innovations in the gemological space throughout its history, in conjunction with partners in the jewelry industry, providing vehicles of trust and transparency in the jewelry business, training scores of experts in its century-long history. It has “14 locations spread across 13 countries. With 10 campuses, 9 grading and gem identification labs, 5 lab take-in locations and 4 research centers, GIA has a presence in all of the major gem and jewelry centers around the world.”

Note: The GIA does not grade emeralds. It does, however, provide a gem identification report detailing the natural or synthetic nature of your teardrop emerald, in addition to disclosing weight, measurement, shape, cutting style, color and other relevant specifications, including (where possible) the provenance or geographic origin of your emerald.

2. Gubelin: 

Another powerhouse in the world of jewelry since 1923, it is one of the most respected institutions in the world, with its gemological reports relied on by “famous auction houses, royal families, jewelers, gem traders, and collectors globally who are looking for unbiased, independent and absolutely trustworthy opinions about their gems.”

3. AIGS (The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences): 

This entity is another powerhouse in the world of gemstones, with groundbreaking inventions like the “Porta-Lab”, the world’s first equipment of its type for field gemological use.

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Emerald Valuation Guide

For a teardrop emerald ring, the craftsmanship of the setting, quality of the emerald based on the 4Cs as well as market demand are key factors in valuation. Staying informed about market trends and pricing guidelines is key to making informed decisions, in addition to consulting with jewelry experts and appraisers.

Seeking professional guidance & working with trusted jewelers like Saratti, is, perhaps the single most important point to note when it comes to securing something as substantial and sentimental as a teardrop emerald ring. Their guidance and insight will grant you peace of mind and confidence in verifying the authenticity of your teardrop emerald ring, making it a cherished and valuable possession for years to come.

Why Choose Saratti?

When it comes to crafting your timeless treasure, such as your teardrop emerald ring, you must work with a jeweler who believes you deserve complete peace of mind when it comes to the authenticity of your jewel, providing you with all the necessary information and documentation.

You deserve to have your jewel handcrafted by the most masterful artisans, built to last with care that’s steadfast. You deserve carefully curated gemstones from across the world, for pieces that can be passed on, from generation to generation, just like royals do. 

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