Cornflower Blue Unheated Sapphire and Diamonds Ring

How to Spot the Perfect Cornflower Blue Sapphire: A Buyer's Tips

Finding the perfect cornflower blue sapphire ring is exciting, but an understanding of the intricacies of the gemstone is critical for a satisfactory purchase. We are navigating through important tips and insights to help you select the proper cornflower blue sapphire ring in this guide. From demystifying the mysteries of gemstone certification to everything about sapphire quality, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to make an informed purchase and a beautiful ring to cherish.

Cornflower Blue Unheated Sapphire and Diamonds Ring

Gemstone Quality Factors & Investment Value

The gemstone quality factors are the indicators used so the true value of the gemstone can be ascertained. One must understand the factors that contribute to the quality to properly appreciate the beauty of a cornflower blue sapphire. These include nuances of color, clarity, cut and carat weight as they altogether define the charm and value of the gemstone. Cornflower blues are some of the most desirable when it comes to color with sapphires & typically command decent-to-high prices, bearing all the other 4Cs in mind.  

Deciphering Sapphire Color Grading 

Cornflower sapphires are prized for their pure, clear blue hue, which is relatively rare among sapphires. Sapphires can have various colors due to trace elements, but cornflower blue sapphires have minimal presence of elements that cause green or purple undertones, resulting in a true blue color. The enchanting hue of a cornflower blue sapphire is characterized by its delicate blend of blue and violet tones. Work with trusted jewelers who can discern the subtle variations in color grading to identify & procure an authentic cornflower blue sapphire with unparalleled beauty.

Evaluating Cornflower Blue Clarity 

Sapphires are known for their durability which plays a huge role in its desirability, however, clarity is also a hallmark of sapphires and plays a significant role in their visual appeal. The clarity characteristics are very important and they impact the overall brilliance of a cornflower blue sapphire. Look for a cornflower blue sapphire with less inclusions for optimum brilliance. A clean, clear stone will exhibit the captivating and entrancing color of the sapphire and upgrade its overall charm. 

Balancing Sapphire Carat Weight 

When we think of gemstones, especially colored gemstones, the general consensus is the bigger, the better. Well, not quite. The concept of carat weight is a little more nuanced than most people think. The size and subsequently the visual impact is dependent on the carat weight of the sapphire. The perfect balance has to be struck between the size and quality by factoring in your tastes and your budget when selecting the carat of your cornflower blue sapphire. You also have to bear in mind that bigger stones may fetch a higher price so it is basically up to you the buyer to weigh your options properly to find the perfect balance for your ring needs. Combined with top marks in clarity, color and cut, the cornflower sapphire will most-likely be heirloom/investment-grade. 

Diamonds Ring

Distinguishing Natural vs. Synthetic Sapphires 

These are created in a lab where the natural growth process of sapphires is mimicked using advanced techniques. They are chemically identical to natural sapphires. 

To ensure the authenticity of your cornflower blue gemstone, you need to know the differences between natural and synthetic sapphires. Natural sapphires (a variety of the mineral corundum) are formed over millions of years possess an allure and value that cannot be matched by synthetic lab-created sapphires. Natural sapphires can still hold a premium due to their rarity and origin. Determining that requires expert analysis and determination by reputable international gem labs. 

Validating Gemstone Certification 

Due to the influx of synthetic sapphires on the gemstone market passing as naturally occurring sapphires, it is extremely important to verify you are purchasing a truly authentic cornflower blue sapphire. Gemstone certifications from trusted gem laboratories such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gemological Society (AGS) are what you should look for to validate the quality and origin of your cornflower blue sapphire. A certified sapphire is the proof of quality assurance of their genuineness and value, especially for investment-grade gems. 

Exploring Sapphire Origin and Sourcing 

The origin of your cornflower blue sapphire also contributes to its value, and sapphires are sourced from various locations across the world: Montana (USA), Mozambique, the Hunza Valley in Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kashmir, Myanmar, Madagascar, among others. Ethical sourcing plays a significant role in the sustainability and responsibility in the jewelry industry. Opt for sapphires which are sourced from responsible mines that factor in ethical labor policies and environmental sustainability. 

Enhancing with the Perfect Jewelry Setting 

First off, there is no perfect jewelry setting. There is however your perfect jewelry setting. With a gemstone as special as a cornflower blue sapphire, you have no choice but to elevate its beauty with a carefully handpicked jewelry setting. If you favor a classic, traditional solitaire, a sparkling, glamorous halo or a timeless three-stone design, pick a setting that will only upgrade the charm and appeal of your cornflower blue sapphire gemstone, of course, factoring in the nature of your profession. If you find yourself in professions requiring movement and impact frequently, such as firefighting and emergency healthcare, opt for bezel settings to protect your center stone and others. 

Maintenance tips for sapphire jewelry

Once you’ve chosen your setting and crafted your gorgeous cornflower gemstone piece, the first step in preserving it is regular cleaning. You want to avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasives. These tend to damage the surface of the gemstone. Use a soft toothbrush with mild soap and warm water to gently wipe any dirt or residue. 

A common habit of jewelry and gemstone owners is not adopting protective measures. These safeguard emerald cut stones from cuts. In addition to cleaning, these are also extremely important. When not wearing your jewelry, for example, store it in a soft case or a jewelry box to prevent contact with other items or jewelry that may damage it.

You are always encouraged to personally periodically inspect your jewelry. But you should also consider scheduling inspections and cleanings with a credible jeweler like Saratti to make sure your moissanite ring is always looking its best. They will also give you the best advice on the best methods of care and recommend the best options for repair.   

This journey is made even easier with Saratti’s unbeatable Lifetime Warranty Package, which takes care of your professional cleaning needs with zero-stress, in addition to other lovely perks. 

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