March's Birthstone: Aquamarine

Delve into the rich history, lore and unique
qualities of March's pacific gem - a relic of ethereal tranquility!

Emerald Cut Diamond Gemstone

How to Care for Emerald Cut Stones to Ensure They Last a Lifetime

The emerald cut is one that is old as time with a rich history. This distinctive cut was originally developed for the emerald stone. It features a square or rectangular shape with trimmed edges. Th...
Cushion Cut Gemstones | Saratti Jewelry

Cushion Cut Gemstones: History, Characteristics, and Popular Varieties

The cushion cut has specific features including a square or a rectangular shape with rounded corners. Associated with femininity and romance, the cushion cut gem became popular during the Edwardian...
Yellow Cushion Cut Natural Diamond Gemstone

How to Care for Your Cushion Cut Gemstones to Ensure Longevity

The cushion cut is known for its rectangular shape and its softened edges. It is a very delicate cut that requires a good amount of care to maintain its charm and ensure you have a stunning stone ...
marquise cut gemstones

Choosing the Perfect Marquise Cut Gemstone: Tips and Considerations

The marquise cut gemstone is a chic diamond cut that actually has a royal history. It was popular during the late 60s to the early 70s but after a while, younger brides turned away from it. Happily...
heart shaped gemstone

Choosing the Perfect Heart-Shaped Gemstone: A Comprehensive Guide

Heart-shaped gemstones have symbolized love and romance for ages. The heart, after all, is THE iconic symbol of love, romance, affection and passion. They are a popular choice for love-themed jewe...
mens gemstone wedding bands

The Symbolism of Men's Gemstone Wedding Rings

Today’s grooms are looking beyond plain gold bands. They are finding bands that reflect their tastes and their love stories. These trendy substitutes include contrasting with mixed metals and moder...
Why Men are Choosing Tourmaline Rings: A Look into the Trend

Why Men are Choosing Tourmaline Rings: A Look into the Trend

While most women’s jewelry focuses on intricate and delicate details, men’s jewelry mostly incorporates bold designs with strong, masculine materials. A unique aspect of men’s jewelry is the priori...
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pink Topaz Necklace: A Buyer's Manual

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pink Topaz Necklace: A Buyer's Manual

Pink topaz necklaces have been popular throughout history, and they are still considered a classic and elegant choice today. With making an informative decision about purchasing a piece of jewelry ...
Pear Shaped Gemstones

Pear Shaped Gemstones: A Buyer's Guide to Quality, Cut, and Care

When it comes to selecting a gemstone, shape matters as much as the sparkle. Among the various shapes available, the pear-shaped gemstone stands out for its unique, teardrop appearance, blending t...


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