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Cushion Cut Gemstones: History, Characteristics, and Popular Varieties

The cushion cut has specific features including a square or a rectangular shape with rounded corners. Associated with femininity and romance, the cushion cut gem became popular during the Edwardian and Victorian eras for its elegant appearance. It was then known as the “old mine cut “. One of the defining characteristics of cushion cut gems is their brilliant sparkle and fire, which is enhanced by its impressive 61 facets. Today, it is a sought-after choice for shoppers who seek that blend of vintage and modern charm. This article is a comprehensive guide to cushion cut gemstones, exploring their history, characteristics, and popular varieties, and much more to help shoppers make informed decisions when selecting cushion cut gemstones for all jewelry needs.

Varieties of Cushion Cut Gemstones

Natural Ruby Gemstone Red Cushion Cut Heated

Due to its features and characteristics, some varieties of gemstones are commonly used in the cushion cut. For example: 

Sapphire: Its entrancing blue hue makes the sapphire a much-cherished gem. It looks simply stunning in the cushion cut. Also, making great cushion gemstones are other color variations such as yellow and pink.  

Ruby: Another great choice for the cushion cut is the ruby, prized for its rich red color and hardness. 

Cushion Cut Gemstone Shapes

The cushion cut comes in different shapes, allowing room for personalization to cater to individual tastes. Some of the most common cushion cut shapes include:

Rectangular Cushion: The rectangular cushion cut features elongated proportions which offer a sleek and modern look. Due to its proportions, it makes the finger appear more slender when set in rings.  

Square Cushion: With its characteristic shape of equal length and width ratios, it creates a symmetrical appearance for the perfect elegance. 

Gemstone Cutting Techniques for the Cushion Cut

Cushion Natural Morganite Gemstone

The cutting involved in cushion cut gemstones plays an important role in determining their overall appearance and their brilliance. There are traditional and modern cutting techniques that are employed to enhance the stone’s natural beauty.  

Modern Cutting Techniques: Modern cutting techniques have really evolved to include precision faceting. This results in an enhanced sparkle in cushion-cut gemstones. These cutting techniques include laser cutting and computer-aided design (CAD).

Traditional Cutting Techniques: To create an enchanting display of color, traditional cushion cut gemstones are cut with a deep pavilion to allow light to interact and refract within the gemstone.  

Symbolism Associated with Cushion Cut Gemstones

Faint Pink Cushion Cut Natural Diamond

A lot of individuals look for meaning in their jewelry, not just the bling, and just like colors, cuts of gemstones possess symbolic importance. 

Sophistication: The cushion cut represents sophistication and refinement.

Romance: Due to its rounded edges, the cushion cut is considered a rather feminine cut symbolizing love and romance. 

Jewelry Trends Featuring Cushion Cut Gemstones

In the Victorian era, cushion cut gemstones were quite popular. After a while, however, that changed. Recently, cushion cut gemstones have experienced a surge in popularity, thanks to their appeal. Cushion cut gems are being incorporated into current jewelry trends. 

Halo Settings: The cushion cut is ideal for the halo setting, where a border of smaller stones surrounds the center stone. This creates a striking visual impact. 

Vintage-Inspired Designs: Vintage-Inspired designs normally feature unique design, high-quality craftsmanship, and timeless appeal just perfect for the cushion cut. 

Blue Natural Spinel Gemstone

Cushion Cut Diamonds: A Closer Look

For the unique blend of brilliance and charm, cushion cut diamonds are highly sought after. With their distinctive shape and faceting, they offer elegance for discerning buyers.

Features: Compared to other diamond cuts, the cushion cut features a softened appearance because of its rounded corners. Its facets are arranged to maximize brilliance and fire. 

Trends and Preferences: The cushion cut has seen quite a resurgence in popularity especially among people seeking a vintage-inspired look. Cushion cut gemstones exude femininity and grace making them a popular choice for brides-to-be.  

Cushion Red Natural Spinel Gemstone

Choosing the Perfect Cushion Cut Gemstone

Consider the proportions, setting style, color, and clarity when selecting your cushion cut gemstone to create your dream jewelry piece.  Work with a credible jeweler for the necessary guidance to fit your taste and budget throughout the selection and creation process. 

Saratti offers an exquisite collection of cushion-cut gemstone jewelry, showcasing timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. For those seeking the perfect cushion cut gem piece with customization options and an expansive selection of designs, Saratti is the perfect destination. 


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