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Why the Cut of Your Ruby Matters: The Beauty of the Teardrop Shape

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The cut of a ruby holds a lot of importance in the world of colored gemstones especially in the teardrop shape. In this article, we explore the draw and appeal of teardrop rubies and why this cut is uniquely ideal in highlighting its beauty and symbolism. The cut of your ruby is more significant than you think and as we dissect the features, symbolism and design possibilities of the teardrop shape, you would begin to understand why. 

Oval Halo Prong Set Gold Ruby Ring with Diamonds

The Significance of Teardrop Shape

Rubies are cherished for their vivid color and sparkle, but their true potential will be unlocked with the right cut. The cut is responsible for the interaction of light which plays a role in shaping its overall appearance and attractiveness. Very few cuts invoke the feeling of love and romance quite like the teardrop cut. When it comes to the teardrop rubies, its unique shape is heavily accentuated when paired with the teardrop shape.

Teardrop Ruby Characteristics

The teardrop shape also known as the pear shape is known to resemble a droplet or teardrop. It has an instantly recognizable rounded base and pointy tip. It is truly one of the most unique gemstone cuts exuding a sense of refinement and romance. To create those dazzling visual effects that captivate its beholder, this shape enhances the ruby’s color and brilliance. When selecting a teardrop ruby ring, it's essential to consider several factors, including color intensity, clarity, and proportion of the cut. 

Vintage Oval Ruby Ring with Diamonds

Faceting Techniques for Rubies

To fully optimize the light return i.e. ensure that light is reflected and refracted in a way that demonstrates the natural beauty of the ruby, experienced artisans use the most intricate faceting methods such as meticulously choosing the best faceting angles to create a path for light to penetrate, reflect internally and then exit with a dispersal of fiery brilliance. They do this also by merging the triangular and kite-shaped facets on the crown and pavilion while maintain the teardrop shape. These facets are arranged to not only increase its beauty but also minimize inclusions. A well-cut ruby will exhibit optimal light performance, with the gemstone appearing vibrant and radiant. By choosing a high-quality teardrop ruby, you can ensure that your ring becomes a cherished heirloom to be passed down through generations.

Symbolism of Teardrop Ruby Rings

A teardrop ruby ring holds deep symbolic meaning, making it very suitable for special occasions such as engagements. For one, the ruby invokes feelings of passion and the teardrop shape represents feelings of romance and eternal devotion symbolizing joyful tears that are shed in emotional moments. A teardrop ruby ring therefore serves as a frequent reminder of the unifying bond between loved ones.

Oval Ruby and Diamond White Gold Ring

Light Reflection in Teardrop Gems

One of the most desirable qualities of a gemstone, whether loose or set in jewelry, is its interaction with light. The ability of teardrop rubies to reflect light in a display of colors is truly entrancing. When light enters the stone, it interacts with its facets, disperses and refracts to create a shining spectacle also known as dispersion. This concept increases its allure by adding depth and dimension to the teardrop ruby ring giving it a radiant glow. 

Engagement Rings with Teardrop Rubies

When it comes to engagement rings, most couples tend to go for pieces that speak to them on individual levels. A teardrop ruby ring offers a special alternative to the traditional diamond, symbolizing uniqueness and personal preference. It symbolizes the depth and strength of the commitment shared between partners with the teardrop shape functioning as a meaningful reminder of their journey. Couples can personalize their pieces with customizable designs like meaningful accents and details to reflect their love story. 

Toi Et Moi Ruby and Diamond Ring

Ruby Jewelry Design Ideas

A host of jewelry designs are at your disposal when it comes to teardrop rubies. Incorporating teardrop rubies into statement pieces is the perfect touch of glamour and will take any jewelry collection to the next level. You can set it in elaborate milgrain or opt for a sleek modern setting. From traditional solitaires to statement cocktail rings, the possibilities for showcasing the beauty of teardrop ruby rings are endless.

To conclude, the role of the cut of a teardrop ruby ring is no small one. It will not only enhance its brilliance, it also elevates its overall allure to new heights. If you are seeking to create the perfect engagement ring or just a beautiful piece of jewelry to appreciate for years and years to come, a teardrop ruby ring perfectly fits the bill. 

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Pear Shaped Ruby Ring in 18K White Gold

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