How to Identify High-Quality Champagne Colored Gemstones

How to Identify High-Quality Champagne Colored Gemstones

Champagne colored gemstones are stones with a brown hue and a yellow tint, resembling the color of champagne. Originally just known as brown diamonds, their popularity began to rise when Australia’s Argyle Mine, which is responsible for producing a large percentage of the world’s colored diamonds, found that nearly half of the stones in their deposit were brown. The mine was producing large amounts of light yellow to brown diamonds and the mine decided to sell them as fancy colored diamonds rather than waste them.

Champagne colored gemstones have a unique color similar to the fizz of fine champagne. For their warm, earthy tones and elegance, they are treasured, making them a favored choice for jewelry pieces that reek of sophistication. This guide seeks to explore everything there is to know about the relevant criteria selecting the best champagne colored gemstone to create the most stunning jewelry pieces.

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Characteristics of Champagne Diamonds

Often referred to as brown or cognac gemstones, these exhibit an amazing range of hues from soft brown tones to rich cognac shades. They are evaluated based on the intensity of color, clarity and the carat weight as well as the precision of the cut.

Assessing Quality Factors

A champagne colored gemstone with deep color saturation, symmetrical cuts, and minimal inclusions, will fetch a premium and is considered high-quality in the market. Carat weight also plays a very important role with higher prices for larger stones. The reflective brilliance however is dependent on te cut quality since stones that are well-cut show exceptional fire.

Evaluating Gemstone Certification

A sector of assessing the quality of champagne colored gemstones is certification. A gemstone certificate from a reputable gem laboratory will document important details such as the clarity, color grade (this is very important), and type of cut. This will ensure consumers make informed decisions of purchase and also fosters trust between buyers and traders.

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Appraisal and Investment Value

Assess its market value by obtaining a professional appraisal for your champagne colored gemstone. If they possess desirable features and are thus, considered high quality, they will appreciate over time in value making a lucrative investment.  

Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability

Consumers are becoming more aware of ethical sources and responsibly sourced champagne colored gemstones are more in demand. To minimize the environmental impact of gemstone extraction and encourage natural resource conservation, consumers want to support brands that prioritize sustainability so they feel they are participating in positive environmental change.

Champagne Gemstone Trends

These charming gemstones have and are experiencing a surge in popularity and they are being incorporated by designers into the most innovative jewelry designs. For shoppers, the question is always: trendy vs traditional? To go timeless and classic with a classic solitaire or distinctive and unconventional with an intricate statement piece, the warm hues of champagne colored gemstones make the perfect option for your dream piece.

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Origin and Rarity 

Found in regions around the world including Africa and Australia, champagne colored gemstones are not as rare as other varieties of gemstone, but those with unique color and clarity are quite scarce. Stones with saturated hues and high clarity i.e. with little inclusions are more sought after because of their rarity and value. 

Gemstone Treatment

Some champagne colored gemstones will need to go through processes of enhancements to improve the way they look or how durable they are. These include fracture filling to hide surface inclusions and heat treatment to improve their color and clarity. These are done to make them more visually appealing but it is important for customers to be made aware of the impact these treatments may have on the value and their quality long-term. This is important for consumer confidence and transparency.

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