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How to Identify an Authentic Santa Maria Aquamarine Ring

It is very difficult to think of a gemstone piece more coveted than a Santa Maria aquamarine ring. Due to a lack of understanding of quality indicators and gemstone authenticity, a lot of jewelry shoppers end with imitations. We are in this guide, exploring how to identify genuine Santa Maria aquamarine rings, giving you all the understanding into certification, care and techniques. 

Understanding Gemstone Authenticity

The foundation of trust in the jewelry purchase process is gemstone authenticity. It ensures transparency and trust between buyers and sellers in the jewelry industry. Authenticity covers many factors such as color, clarity and origin. Renowned and prized for their vivid blue hue and unbeatable clarity, Santa Maria aquamarines are especially highly sought after by shoppers and collectors. To make informed purchasing decisions and to make sure you purchase an authentic Santa Maria aquamarine ring, it is very important to appreciate the very hallmarks of authenticity. 

Santa Maria Aquamarine 20mm x 18mm x 14mm

Aquamarine Color Grading

Aquamarines are the birthstones of those born in March and their blue color is one of their most distinguishing features. From light sky blue to rich intense blue resembling the clear waters of the Caribbean, very few stones possess this color. Established color grading systems are used by gem laboratories to determine the quality of the aquamarine gemstone in question. Factors such as the hue, its tone and saturation are taken into consideration during the grading process. The vibrant blue hue is characteristic of Santa Maria aquamarines in particular so be very mindful of the gemstone‘s color and make sure it exhibits the deep blue hue it ought to.   

Santa Maria Gem Origin

In the jewelry world, the origin of a gemstone is extremely important in ascertaining its value. This explains the name Santa Maria. This beautiful stone derives its name from the Santa Maria mine in Brazil located in Minas Gerais. This is a world- renowned mine known for its rich deposits of one-of-a kind gemstones with very high quality including some of the finest aquamarines in the world. For their rich color, exceptional clarity and transparency, the stones sourced from this mine have a different effect on the market, they fetch a premium price because of the rarity and outstanding quality. If you are purchasing a Santa Maria aquamarine ring, inquire as much as possible, its origin and make sure that rings has been ethically sourced from credible suppliers and dealers.

Jewelry Certification Process

This leads us to certification. A gemstone certificate provides certain key details and information about the gemstones. Its color, carat weight, origin, whether or not it has undergone any form of additional treatment are just some examples of the facts the certificate provides. That is the job of the certificate. It represents quality assurance of the stone’s authenticity and quality. Certificates from reputable gemological laboratories such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gemological Laboratories (AGL) or the Asian Institute of Gemological Studies (AIGS) are highly respected and hold weight and function as a guarantee of authenticity. Work with jewelers who provide you with certified gemstone certificates upfront (and have no qualms doing so) to ensure you are investing in a genuine piece of jewelry. Trustworthy jewelers have no complaints at all with this, and actively encourage same. 

Gemstone Clarity Indicators

Another factor in assessing the quality of a Santa Maria aquamarine stone is its clarity. The word clarity in jewelry means the presence or absence of internal flaws known as inclusions and external flaws known as blemishes that affect the visual appearance of a gemstone. Santa Maria aquamarines in particular are cherished for their exceptional clarity with some kinds exhibiting very little to almost no visible inclusions to the naked eye. When examining a Santa Maria aquamarine ring, you should use a jeweler’s loupe to inspect the stone closely for any flaws or imperfections. You can also consult a certified gemologist to provide further insight and assessment of its clarity and overall value. 

Ring Appraisal Techniques

Jewelry or gemstone appraisal is the process of assessing its value based on a host of factors including craftsmanship, market demand based on trends and its condition. A certified jewelry appraiser will conduct a detailed evaluation of the rings and provide an accurate appraisal usually based on industry standards. Its color, clarity, color as well as its design and quality of metal are all taken into account when ascertaining the value of the ring. If you seek an appraisal for a Santa Maria aquamarine ring, choose an appraiser who is certified and reputable whose expertise will count in the evaluation and appraisal of the stone. 

Aquamarine Cut and Shape

The visual appeal and appearance of a Santa Maria aquamarine ring is partly dependent on the cut and shape of the stone. To increase their brilliance and fire, aquamarine gemstones are typically faceted with popular cuts such as the oval, emerald, teardrop or the round brilliant. Each cut will display the unique features of the gemstone so the choice of cut and shape is ultimately up to personal taste and preference. Take into account a style that reflects and complements our individual style and design. 

Synthetic vs. Natural Aquamarine

Most aquamarines are naturally occurring especially with Santa Maria aquamarines. However, synthetic aquamarines are in the market, being man-made alternatives to natural aquamarines. These are created in labs using many chemical processes. As alternatives, they are really physically identical however, they come nowhere near natural, genuine Santa Maria aquamarines in terms of beauty and value. Always verify the authenticity of the gemstone making sure it is natural other than synthetic. You should have the stone gemologically tested with certification by a reputable dealer to provide you with the peace of mind you need knowing you own an authentic Santa Maria aquamarine ring.

Investing in Aquamarine Jewelry

Other than acquiring a lovely, unique, eye-catching piece of jewelry, the investment potential in aquamarine jewelry is large. These aquamarines with their unique color and clarity are particulary sought after by jewelry collectors and investors as well. If you choose to invest in aquamarine jewelry, consider factors such as rarity and market demand. Due to its sourcing from a reputable mine such as the Santa Maria mine in Brazil, the value of a Santa Maria aquamarine stone is very likely to appreciate in value over time. You can additionally choose designs that stand the test of time ensuring the desirability long-term and value of your investment. 

Aquamarine Care and Maintenance

The aquamarine is prized for its beautiful color and the last thing anyone want is a dull, lifeless looking aquamarine ring. To keep it looking its best, do not expose your ring to harsh chemicals and temperatures that can easily damage both the gemstone and the metal. To preserve the beauty and luster of a Santa Maria aquamarine ring, take proper care of it. This includes cleaning it regularly every couple of weeks with a soft brush and a mild soap solution. This will gently remove any coagulated dirt or debris. You should also schedule regular professional cleaning and inspection with a reputable jeweler to maintain the beauty of your Santa Maria aquamarine rings for years. Proper care and maintenance are essential for preserving the beauty and luster of a Santa Maria aquamarine ring. 

Historical Significance of Santa Maria Aquamarine

The Santa Maria mine in Brazil is very rich in history dating back centuries. The mine’s namesake aquamarines which are known for their intense color and clarity are steeped in folklore and legend and have been prized by royals and those of noble blood throughout history. Beads of aquamarine stone were discovered with Egyptian mummies. Two thousand years ago, people in Greece engraved designs into aquamarine stones turning them into intaglios. Fans of aquamarine adore it for its cool and tranquil color. Today, Santa Maria aquamarines continue to captivate hearts with their beauty and historical significance making them an embodiment of luxury and charm. 

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Why Choose Saratti?

For most people, a world in which they get royal treatment when it comes to their jewelry is one that is almost non-existent. For pieces featuring heirloom-grade gems like Santa Maria aquamarines, their design and craftsmanship cannot be left to chance, talk of being left to the whims of those who seek to employ the generic and ordinary when it comes to jewelry. 

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