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Choosing the Perfect Marquise Cut Gemstone: Tips and Considerations

The marquise cut gemstone is a chic diamond cut that actually has a royal history. It was popular during the late 60s to the early 70s but after a while, younger brides turned away from it. Happily, that has all changed as modern shoppers are taking a fresh look at this timeless stone. It is instantly recognizable with its distinctive elongated shape that many refer to as an "eye" or "football" shape. A marquise cut diamond will look larger face up than a round or princess cut diamond. A marquise diamond boasts 56 facets in a longer shape that ends with a point on each side. Thanks to the elongated shape, a marquise cut seems larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight and often causes the wearer’s fingers to appear more slender. This impressive and distinct appearance makes a marquise diamond a unique choice for those who want something different. Its distinctive shape is influenced by a number of factors including its proportions.

In this article, we explore the secrets behind choosing marquise-cut gemstones, unpacking the significance of symmetry, setting styles, and the importance of staying abreast of the latest trends in contemporary jewelry design. 

Clarity grades

Clarity grades were invented to assess the presence of imperfections (inclusions) within a gemstone. Why are they important for marquise-cut gemstones? They influence the gemstone’s quality, purity and aesthetic appeal and its level of flawlessness. The right clarity grade for your jewelry piece is something that is subjective: some people choose included gems for character while most prefer flawless stones.You absolutely have to get a good, close-up look at a marquise-cut diamond before you buy. By evaluating and considering clarity grades, you can make informed decisions to ensure your chosen marquise-cut gem meets your desired standards of beauty and quality. 

Ring styles

If you are looking for a marquise-cut gemstone, browse through different setting styles that showcase the uniqueness of marquise-cut gemstones. This offers you an array of options if you seek striking pieces of jewelry that are also well-personalized. The traditional route will involve classic prongs that showcase the marquise gem in a solitaire or a three-stone design. Conversely, in modern settings like the bezel, encircles the gemstone in a metal rim offering a contemporary and sleek appearance. Another setting like the halo, featuring a circle of smaller stones around the marquise, adds brilliance and a modern flair.

A variety of settings are designed to accentuate their distinct features. For example: V-prong settings, for instance, showcase the Marquise’s gem elongated shape and also secure its pointed ends allowing light to interact with it. Emphasizing its graceful curves, it creates the most elegant look.

Another tailored approach is opting for a split-shank setting. This features a band that splits into two, for that aura of complexity and uniqueness. Additionally, bypass settings, where the band appears to crisscross around the gem, create a dynamic and contemporary aesthetic.

The role of symmetry 

Symmetry is the accurate alignment and arrangement of facets and features of a gemstone. In the realm of fine jewelry, the quest for perfection begins with symmetry. A meticulously crafted marquise-cut gemstone with precise alignment and balanced proportions. Entrusting your vision to a trusted jeweler ensures that you receive nothing short of the finest, most exquisite marquise-shaped gemstones for your dream jewelry. Let the brilliance of symmetrical perfection adorn your adornments, reflecting the craftsmanship and artistry that defines true luxury.

Jewelry trend designs

Staying Stylish with Contemporary Marquise Gem Designs:

In the world of marquise-cut jewelry, staying in vogue involves embracing jewelry designs that reflect modern aesthetics. Go for innovative arrangements and unique settings, fuse the cut with other shapes and offer yourself a fresh outlook on traditional marquise gems, and create pieces that make you fashion-forward. This also extends to color choices. These trends bring to form a variety of hues from regular colorless to warm and even vivid color variations.


When choosing a marquise cut, factor in things like its proportions, color, setting styles, symmetry, clarity, and keeping in trend to current design trends. Whether you're seeking an engagement ring that stands out or a personal accessory, the timeless elegance of Saratti's marquise cut captures sophistication and style, ensuring your jewelry reflects unparalleled craftsmanship and enduring beauty.


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