Unique MODERN GEM JEWELRY rings are made so that they truly last forever, and if you follow a few simple guidelines in their care, your wonderful rings symbolizing the memorable moments of your life will always look beautiful. 

Gold, from which our jewellery is mainly manufactured from, is a soft metal subject to wear. Whether you wear your rings every day or only occasionally, keep in mind that this is expensive jewelry, which requires care and attention.

The recommendations listed below will help you prevent unwanted damage and keep your rings lovely as long as possible.

  • It is not beneficial for the rings to come into contact with detergents and other chemical products.
  • We recommend taking off your rings when washing your hands or applying hand cream.
  • Avoid contact with makeup, creams and perfumes and avoid contact with chlorine.
    Do not wear the ring in the shower, swimming pools or when cleaning.
  • Avoid contact with hard materials and surfaces (keys, glass, door handles, etc.).
    You can thereby minimize traces of scratching and wear.


Despite the fact that all BISAKU rings in accordance with the highest standards of quality, we are aware that it is not possible to completely prevent the natural wear of rings. We have prepared a special after-sales service for you, therefore, which will make your wedding jewelry beautiful for life. The program consists in the possibility of regular cleaning, polishing and restoration of the finishes of rings, namely every 2 years from date of purchase free of charge.


Handcrafted solely for you by our world-class artisans.

Custom Engagement Ring by Modern Gem Jewelry®

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