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Christmas in blue, stay cozy with Natural Blue Topaz Jewelry

When December shows up, you certainly know Christmas is around the horizon, but to get you in the mood, we introduce you to the Topaz, the December Birthstone.
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Christmas Vibe Gemstone- Modern Gem Jewelry


When December shows up, you certainly know Christmas is around the corner. A month full of joy, happiness and love. December is an extraordinary time to celebrate genuinely special moments with people you care about, and jewelry is always the number one go-to gift. 

We take a deep and fascinating dive into some of the most stunning and sparkling gemstones that reflect this glorious month of December, and that will help you prepare a true one-of-a-kind and unforgettable Christmas Jewelry gift for your loved one. Here we start with the breathtaking December Birthstone, the NATURAL TOPAZ.

A Christmas Vibe Stone

Topaz is perfect all year round, but they give us Christmas Vibes due to their breathtaking blue color that just syncs with the cold breeze of winter. It also has a vast color spectrum, ranging from famous Swiss and London blue,  green, yellow, orange, red, pink, brown and even brown saturations.  Common natural Topaz gemstones in their pure natural states are colorless. Still, trace elements of impurities do tend to add color to the gem, obtaining several varieties of colors. Topaz is mostly heat-treated or radiated to intensify its color.

The color types are typically identifiable by their hue names: blue Topaz, Pink Topaz, and so on—but there are a few unique trade names. The color of Imperial Topaz ranges from medium reddish-orange to orange-red. This is one of the most valuable colors in the gem. Sherry topaz is a yellowish-brown to brownish orange Topaz called after the sherry wine. To differentiate them from the similarly colored but less expensive citrine and smoky quartz, stones in this specific color are mainly termed "Precious Topaz."

A Truly Special Stone

There is a universal belief that the Topaz is truly special. It is believed that Topaz gas has excellent benefits. Historically it was said that Topaz wearers benefited greatly from wearing the gemstone even without even realizing it. Its healing properties were its prime pride. Healers say, Topaz recharges and aligns the body, recharging and aligning the body and relaxing the soul and mind. Some also believe that Topaz attracts riches, health, and joy, which is beneficial to anybody who wears it, not only December Borns. 

A Perfect Stone to Show Affection and Love

This exciting gemstone has had a variety of symbolic meanings since ancient times. While blue Topaz was once associated with protection in early human history, its significance in recent times has changed. Blue topaz is now connected with love and is often given as a token of affection.

Lovely for Marriage Anniversary

For all its breathtaking beauty, Natural Blue Topaz is the perfect gemstone in celebrating the 4th and 19th anniversary of marriage. One could opt for either the magnificent London Blue Topaz or the sensational bright Swiss Blue Topaz

Many people believe that topaz got its name from the Island of Topazios, a small island in the Red sea that supposedly produced topaz. However, as time passed, geology revealed that these were not the gems they thought they were. Regardless, the name stuck. Now, they are considered one of the many birthstones of December, alongside Tanzanite, Turquoise and Blue zircon.

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