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Everyday Tasks That Could Possibly Damage Jewelry

You can't go a day without at least one item of beautiful jewelry. It might be a stunning necklace given as an anniversary present, a cherished heirloom, or even an engagement ring. It's possible that your regular use is causing damage to the item without your knowledge.


Almost everyone has a single exquisite piece of jewelry that they simply must wear every day. It could be anything like an engagement ring, a treasured heirloom necklace, or an anniversary gift. It's possible that, regardless of the item, you're accidentally damaging it on a daily basis.

Using Lotion or Sunscreen While Wearing Jewelry

Lotion application is a common practice, but what many of us don't realize is that doing so while sporting precious jewelry can degrade it or create an ugly film on gemstones. Applying sunscreen in the summer is great for your skin, but be careful not to damage your jewelry. Sunscreen, like lotion, can diminish the luster of gemstones on your jewelry.

Cleaning While Wearring Jewelry

In spite of the importance of personal and domestic cleanliness, you should be aware of the toll that cleaning products and harsh chemicals can take on your priceless jewelry. The metals used in jewelry should be protected from harsh chemicals like bleach and chlorine. Don't wear your jewelry when you're in the shower since the chemicals in shampoo and conditioner can dull the metals and drain the luster.

Styling Hair With Jewelry On

Although you may prefer to put on your fine jewelry before you style your hair, remember that hairstyling products, and particularly hairspray, can damage your precious gemstones. Be careful not to let these items diminish the luster of your jewelry. Your j ewelry should be worn after you have finished applying cosmetics and doing your hair.

DIY Jewelry Cleanning Practices That Can Harm Your Jewelry

It's good to give your precious jewelry a brief cleaning at home every now and then to keep it looking like new, but be careful not to cause any damage. Avoid using toothbrushes and toothpaste on gemstones, since doing so can cause undesired scratches and cause more harm than good.

Cooking While Wearring Your Precious Jewelry

Prepare your meals without risking the safety of your precious jewelry by wearing it in the kitchen. Pointy tools could damage your gemstones or the metal setting. Additionally, you might be handling raw meat, which poses a risk of contaminating your jewelry with germs. Keep your jewelry away from your kitchen and dining areas to prevent it from getting scratched or worn down.

How To Properly Clean Your Precious Jewelry

  • Use a Microfiber Cloth For Quick Cleaning
  • Cleaning your fine jewelry with a Microfiber cloth is a quick and easy way to keep it looking like new in between professional cleanings. Fine jewelry can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth without fear of scratching or damaging the piece, but you should still use a clean cloth.

  • Purchase a Safe Jewelry Box
  • If you have expensive jewelry, you need take special care to keep it clean and protect it from the elements. Keeping your jewelry in a secure jewelry box when it's not being worn is an easy way to preserve its condition and shine. Always store your jewelry box in an airtight, dry location.

  • Wear Your Jewelry With Care
  • It's easy to lose track of the fact that you're wearing fancy jewelry unless something happens to it. Fine jewelry should be left at home in a secure location before engaging in strenuous activities like exercise or manual labor. Keep a jewelry dish in the areas where you are most likely to forget to remove your valuables, such as the kitchen sink, to serve as a gentle reminder.

  • Professional Cleanning
  • Regular professional cleaning of your fine jewelry is as important as getting your car serviced or seeing your doctor.


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