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Best Center Stone Shapes for Engagement Rings

It is possible to feel completely overwhelmed by all the different cuts of the center stone that are available to you. The good news is that we can guide you through a few different shape options using examples from our store!

It is possible to feel completely overwhelmed by all the different cuts of the center stone that are available to you. The good news is that we can guide you through a few different shape options using examples from our store!

Round cuts, princess cuts, pear cuts, etc. When it comes to engagement rings, there are a wide variety of options available for the center stone's shape. While others may prefer to keep up with the most recent fashion trends, some people may value classic cuts.



Round Diamond Stone


The round stone shape, which is also known as the round brilliant cut, is regarded as one of the most traditional cuts. Because of its shape and the way it is cut, it is considered to be the most brilliant cut of all the other shapes. The sparkle is spread out evenly across the stone as a result of the symmetry of the stone. An interesting tidbit is that this particular cut was once reserved solely for diamonds.


Oval Diamond Stone



In our store, the oval cut is the second most popular cut for fancy shapes, just a hair's breadth behind the pear cut as the most desired shape overall. It is widely acknowledged that ovals are both a classic and a contemporary shapes. In addition to this, it is the shape that can be found in colored gemstones the most frequently.

Marquise Diamond Stone


The marquise is characterized by the appearance of a pointed oval stone. This stone has been faceted to reflect the lightest possible and offer the most color and sparkle possible. The marquise cut gives a diamond air of royalty and maximizes the amount of its surface area that is visible in comparison to its carat weight. If you are looking for a cut that emphasizes and lengthens the finger, an excellent option to consider is the marquise cut, which is very similar to the oval cut. The longer shape will result in a more slender appearance on your finger as a result.

Pear Shape Diamond Stone


A pear cut is an excellent option for those of our friends who value a look that is distinctive while also being authentic. A marquise and an oval cut have been combined to create this stone's unique shape. The shape of the stone is created by the top portion, which tapers toward the center. When it comes to the pear-shaped stone, one of the most frequently asked questions is, "Which way do you wear the point?" Which way does it face, up or down? It is possible to wear the ring either so that the point is facing you or so that it is facing your fingertip. This facetted cut, with its feminine curves, is one that looks good on people of all different body types. That is the definition of triumph!



Cushion Cut Diamond Stone






The cushion-cut stone is a variant of the rectangle and square stone and has rounded edges and corners. An interesting tidbit is that the cushion cut was modeled after the pillow cushion. Cushion cuts have a great number of facets, which accentuate the natural brilliance of the stone.

Emerald Cut Stone

Emerald & Asscher

The top view of an emerald cut reveals a shape that resembles a rectangle, with the corners trimmed or cut at an angle. The stone's "extra" brilliance is not the distinguishing characteristic of the emerald cut; rather, the emerald cut is distinguished by its more daring shape and subdued sparkle, which results from the step cuts. In comparison to the kite facets found in brilliant cuts, the step-cut facets are more elongated and slender. The step-cut facets are what give the stone an appearance that is more octagonal and gives it a look that is reminiscent of Art Deco from the twentieth century.

The Asscher cut is essentially a square adaptation of the emerald cut. It was named after its namesake, Asscher, who developed the cut. The emerald cut serves as inspiration for both the facet arrangement and the overall style of the cutting. The shape is the only thing that differentiates these cuts from one another! If a more contemporary look is what they're going for, they'll go with an Asscher cut rather than an emerald cut.

What are the Popular Shapes for Center Stone?

As is common knowledge, fashions come and go. When it comes to the cut of your center stone, we recommend choosing one that you will continue to adore for many years to come. At the moment, we are noticing that pear, oval, and cushion cuts are becoming increasingly popular. According to our observations, the trend of shapes has a direct correlation with the engagements of celebrities. Actor Chris Pratt presented Katherine Schwarzenegger with a massive cushion-cut engagement ring when he proposed to her. Justin Bieber gave Hailey Baldwin a huge oval cut ring, and Ariana Grande wore a gigantic pear cut ring that was given to her by Pete Davidson, who was her fiance at the time.


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