Engagement Ring Vs. Wedding Ring | Do You know the Difference?

Engagement Ring Vs. Wedding Ring | Do You know the Difference?



Both the exchange of an engagement ring and a wedding band symbolizes the beginning of a committed relationship that will last a lifetime. If you've been spending a lot of time thinking of creative ways to pop the question, selecting the perfect ring is likely to present similar difficulties.

You should understand the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band to ensure you purchase the appropriate piece for your future spouse.

Everything you need to know about engagement rings vs. wedding bands, including their meanings, styles, prices, and etiquette for wearing, can be found in this comprehensive guide.


1. What is an Engagement Ring ? 

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An engagement ring is a symbol of a future marriage. The practice has been around since prehistoric times. It's a sign of your undying love and loyalty to your partner.

To begin with, diamonds weren't always the stone of choice for engagement rings. Diamonds were not commonly used in engagement rings until the 20th century. The De Beers diamond company created the "a diamond is forever" advertising campaign in 1947, which was a huge success. Understanding the processes involved in producing diamonds has led to a rise in the value of these stones. But the norms are changing. The use of colorful stones in engagement rings has grown in recent years.

2. So, what exactly is a wedding band, and why do people wear them?


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During the ceremony, the bride and groom both wear wedding bands, which can be simple metal or set with diamonds. Wedding bands have been worn by married couples for millennia.

Nowadays, wedding bands can be found in a wide variety of designs set in different metals featuring different types of gemstones. While conventional yellow and white gold wedding bands are more traditional, platinum wedding bands have recently gained popularity.

3. Should you wear a wedding band?


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A wedding band is not required legally or culturally, but it is a widely celebrated custom among married couples around the globe. This ring represents a commitment to each other that will last forever.

4. Engagement Ring

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  • The exquisite design of this ring is the focal point.
  • The focal point is frequently a diamond or gemstone set in the center.

Many women only wear their engagement rings on rare occasions because of the time and effort required to create such elaborate designs and settings. It's available in a wide variety of designs and environments. 



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This ring appears to be less complicated than an actual engagement ring. Modern variations may feature modest embellishments, but traditionally, the ring has been a basic, simple metal ring.

It's not common for wedding bands to have a huge jewel set in the middle, but it is common for the band to be around by lesser stones.

The most popular types of mountings are plain, pavé, and channel. Unlike delicate engagement rings, wedding bands can withstand the wear and tear of daily life.

6. Do You Really Need Both an Engagement & Wedding Ring? 


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Having an engagement ring is optional; it's good to have, but not required. It's up to you and your own tastes. It's acceptable if one chooses not to use a ring when making a proposal.
But giving an engagement ring as a marriage proposal has become a cultural norm in many countries. To them, the ring represents the unwavering devotion their partner has promised them emotionally.
During the proposal, a diamond engagement ring is typically presented. Maintain constant jewelry use throughout your engagement. Following the exchange of vows, the bride and groom each wear a wedding ring.


7. How to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Rings


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It's common for couples to argue about who should wear one of these two items. To be fair, though, there are no hard-and-fast regulations about the proper placement of a wedding band or engagement ring. You can either adhere to the custom (which differs throughout cultures) or not.

8. Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Together?


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The vast majority of brides continue to wear their engagement rings even after they have exchanged vows. The wedding band is worn with the engagement ring, bringing it closer to the wearer's heart, and both rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.

It is usual for the bride to move her engagement ring to her right ring finger on the day of the wedding to signify the change in her status. After the ceremony, the engagement ring is returned to the left ring finger and piled atop the wedding band.


9. Why are they worn on the left hand?

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Traditions of wearing wedding and engagement rings on the left hand can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. In ancient times, people believed that the fourth finger on your left hand had a vein that ran directly to your heart. The name "Vena Amoris" was given to that particular vein. Traditionally, engagement and wedding rings were worn on the left ring finger to signify the significance of such feelings in the relationship.

10. Which Finger to Wear Your Wedding Ring On?


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One of the few things that newlyweds can't wait to learn is the proper way to wear their wedding bands. In the West, wedding rings are typically worn on the ring finger of the left hand, specifically the fourth finger from the right. But if you choose, you can also wear your wedding ring on your right ring finger. You would be joining the ranks of many married people across northern and central Europe. The list consists of Norway, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Belgium (certain regions), Germany, Russia, Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

11. Should Your Engagement Ring Match Your Wedding Band?


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Although most brides love to ensure they have a set meaning an engagement ring with a matching band. A matching band means the wedding band has the same design, width, and stone sizes as the engagement ring. It's not uncommon to find other brides who just adore wearing the mismatched style; this style refers to having an engagement ring with a different wedding band of a different design. Mostly there will be a slight gap between the engagement ring and the wedding.

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After all, it's all up to you. What is your personal style? A matched set or a mismatched look? This is entirely personal.

You are free to select any metal type, color, or a design element to give your setting a unique appearance. Keep in mind that this is your dream ring and it should simply reflect your uniqueness and personality.

12. How Much Do Wedding and Engagement Rings Cost?


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Engagement rings and wedding bands are two of the most expensive pieces of jewelry. The quality of the diamond, the type of ring it is set in, whether it is a prong setting, how distinctive it is, and how much you are willing to spend all contribute to the wide range of pricing. just like purchasing a car,  either you can afford a Ferrari or a Toyota but yes they are all cars. Nonetheless, if you look around, you can find stunning pieces that won't break the bank.

Setting up a realistic budget is key since it is going to determine the type of metals used. Whether your taste runs to something timeless and elegant like this above 18k wedding band or something more unusual and endearing like this dainty clarity ring with sparkling diamonds, you'll find many lovely options to pick from.

13. Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring: Bottom-line


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A couple's dedication to one another is shown by both the engagement ring and the wedding band. They add a sense of significance and romance to marriage proposals and weddings.

If you're in the market for one of these rings, it's crucial to keep your significant other's tastes in mind. Acquiring as much knowledge as possible about fine jewelry can also improve your buying experience.

Finally, don't be scared to stand out. You don't have to adhere to traditional thinking when choosing and wearing your engagement and wedding bands.

It reflects your love life, travel, character, and personal style. Jewelry, as we at Modern Gem Jewelry® like to say, is about your uniqueness. Choose a design that captures your personality, sense of style, and what you are most passionate about.

Finding the perfect item for you or your significant other can be a very difficult journey. Modern Gem Jewelry® specializes in Tailor-Made, Custom Jewelry, designing pieces that are unique to you. A design experience that lets you create things you love and will treasure forever directly from your screen. You will be guided by our online jewelry designers as you create your timeless piece. It only begins with a conversation. Enjoy a free quote today.


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