What to Look for When Buying a Natural Aquamarine Ring

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Aquamarine stands out as a true spectacle and marvel among the kaleidoscope of gemstones. With an enchanting blend of blue and green hues that are very reminiscent of the serene depths of the ocean, this breathtaking gemstone has long been a loved choice for fine and high jewelry, especially in beautiful rings. However, when selecting a natural aquamarine ring, it is incredibly important to factor in the intricacies that contribute to its rarity, allure and overall value.

Its charm lies not only in its beautiful color but also in the significant symbolic meanings- it is believed by many cultures to promote calm, mental clarity and harmony, great for those who seek a connection with the tranquility of nature. In this detailed article, you will be fully equipped with the knowledge required to make informed purchasing decisions to make sure you get a piece that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Santa Maria Aquamarine

Understanding the Beryl Mineral Family

Aquamarines belong to the family of the mineral beryl, a renowned group known for their exceptional brilliance and great hardness. This family actually includes emeralds (the green variety) and morganites with pink sparkle, each with its unique features and allure. Aquamarines are usually differentiated from other gemstones by their hexagonal crystal system, which gives them their remarkable dispersion of color and optical properties.

Color: The Essence of an Aquamarine

Undoubtedly, the most captivating feature of the aquamarine is its color. Ranging from a light sky blue to a rich, intense, blue-green hue, this color comes by due to the trace amounts of iron with the chemical composition in the gemstone. The most desirable aquamarines showcase a saturated, uniform color with a slight greenish-blue undertone, often described as ocean’s color on a sunny day, the perfect representation of the artistry of nature.

Clarity: Assessing Inclusions and Imperfections

Aquamarines, like all gemstones can contain inclusions- these are tiny crystals and internal flaws that are trapped in the stone during its formation. So, there is a standardized grading scale for clarity with the lowest being “Included” and the highest grade being “Flawless”. 

When you are selecting an aquamarine stone or piece of jewelry, it is very advisable to aim for an “eye-clean’ stone, this term simply means inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, this also ensures the overall beauty of the stone is uncompromised.

Carat Weight: Finding the Perfect Size

The carat weight of a gemstone is how big it is. Being the measure of size and weight, larger stones are then more valuable because they are on the rarer side. It is essential however, to strike a proper balance between other quality factors like color, and the size of the stone.  Picture a smaller, eye-clean and strongly colored aquamarine. This stone will be more desirable than a larger aquamarine stone with less appealing attributes. This is because the primary consideration should be the general brilliance and beauty of the stone.

Cuts: Enhancing the Beauty of Aquamarine

The cut of a gemstone is the way it has been shaped by a skilled craftsman. This plays a huge role in showcasing its brilliance and highlighting its color. While the classic emerald cut is one that accentuates the natural beauty of the stone, oval and cushion cuts are also well-known options than can also exhibit the hues of an aquamarine. So when crafted by a skilled gemologist, a well-executed cut can increase the play of light within the aquamarine, creating an enchanting display of sparkle that is spell-binding to say the least.

Pear Cut Natural Aquamarine Ring

Hardness and Durability

Aquamarines are very strong and make for durable gemstones. With a hardness range of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, they are very suitable for everyday wear especially in a ring setting. However, it is crucial to know some measures to employ to ensure its color and longevity is maintained. Exercise caution and do not expose the stone to harsh abrasives or rough surfaces that can potentially scratch or affect the coloration of the stone. With proper care and maintenance, your aquamarine ring will retain its beauty for years to come.

Exploring the Greenish-Blue Hue of Aquamarine

Yes, the aquamarine is prized for its mesmerizing blue tones, often with an interesting interplay of colors within the blue spectrum. But did you know, there are other variations with a distinctive one being a stunning greenish-blue hue, which adds tons of character and dimension to the gemstone.

Let’s explore this color variation. This unique greenish-blue hue is produced as a result of mineral composition and trace elements present in the formation of the crystals of the aquamarine. The presence of iron and other elements can severely affect green undertones to the gemstone, creating a dazzling color play. 

So, depending on how concentrated these elements are, aquamarines can range from greens with blue overtones to pure, vivid blues, offering a diverse palette for gemstone shoppers.

Aquamarines with a well-balanced greenish-blue tones are very valued with collectors, because the rarity and visual charm is enhanced. This beautiful balance between blue and green hues make aquamarine jewelry very complex and nuanced. When selecting an aquamarine, factor in these nuances of its greenish-blue alongside other quality factors such as cut, clarity and color. Choose one with a harmonious blend of colors to ensure you acquire a stunning and aesthetically pleasing piece of aquamarine jewelry.


Treatments and Enhancements

Aquamarines are naturally gorgeous, make no mistake but some may go through enhancements and treatments to improve their clarity and color. Heat treatment, for example is a very common practice that can increase the blue hue of an aquamarine. Another practice employed is irradiation which is used to create a more greenish-blue tone. Due to this, it is very important to work with a credible jeweler who will disclose any form of treatment or enhancement applied to the gemstone, creating trust, ensuring transparency and shows an adherence to ethical practicing

Aquamarine Jewelry: Beyond Rings

Aquamarine rings are a work of art, they are undoubtedly a popular and timeless choice. These beautiful stones are also great for pieces of fine jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and earrings. They can be paired with diamonds or other gemstones, creating the most amazing and versatile designs suitable for a host of occasions from everyday wear to formal events.

Bezel Set Aquamarine Ring in Yellow Gold

Investment Potential

The primary purpose of purchasing an aquamarine ring is for personal appreciation and self-expression. However, these gemstones hold amazing investment potential. Aquamarines are limited resources, like many precious gemstones so their value is affected by factors like quality and supply and demand. Since high-quality aquamarines are increasingly rare, their value appreciates over time, meaning they are an investment opportunity for gemstone buyers and collectors.

So all in all, if you make the discerning decision to purchase a natural aquamarine ring, it is incredibly crucial to factor in the gemstone’s clarity, carat weight, cut and general hardness. By understanding these elements and additionally working with a credible jeweler who takes sustainable sourcing and transparency very seriously, you can be rest assured you can acquire an aquamarine ring that truly embodies the artistry of nature and will be of impeccable quality. Note, a well-chosen aquamarine ring is a stunning jewelry piece as well as a glimpse into the natural world’s wonders, reminding us of the constant reminder of the surrounding natural beauty.


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