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Why the Marquise Cut Gemstone Is Ideal for Vintage and Modern Jewelry Designs

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The marquise cut diamond is a chic diamond cut with its distinctive shape resembling an elongated oval with pointed ends. Due to its numerous facets, it has a vintage appeal and a high brilliance and sparkle. Jewelry pieces with this stunning cut have graced the fingers, necks and ears of royals and romantics alike, capturing the soul of grace and refinement. In this guide, we dissect the world of marquise cut gemstones and why they are not only very ideal for vintage inspired pieces, but also incredibly suited for jewelry shoppers who look out for a classic but sophisticated piece of jewelry.  

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Elongated Shape Benefits

The marquise cut gemstone will always stand out due to its distinctive shape resembling the eye of a football. Its elegance is a favorite among customers who prioritize sophistication with their jewelry pieces. One of the benefits of the marquise cut’s characteristic shape is its ability to create the illusion of a larger diamond. The pointed ends expand the gemstone’s surface area increasing its perceived size.

Brilliance and Fire Comparison

A marquise cut gemstone has 58 facets. Due to their unique faceting pattern, marquise cut gemstones have incredible brilliance and fire. The crown of the stone and the long facets on its pavilion allowing the interaction of light results in a dazzling display of sparkle. So while the round brilliant cut is known for its extraordinary sparkle, the marquise cut offers a similar level of brilliance and fire. Its facets are carefully arranged to maximize the stone’s brilliance, rivaling the sparkle of round diamonds. 

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Antique Jewelry Appeal

The marquise cut is a rather popular choice for jewelry pieces that are vintage and even antique inspired due to its rich history. Dating back all the way to the 18th century, its association with aristocrats and royals adds to its classic allure.

Marquise cut gemstones are perfect for vintage designs because of their history and are a favorite among antique jewelry enthusiasts and collectors. They bring the perfect amount of old-world charm to jewelry pieces whether set in elaborate filigree or milgrain settings. 

Contemporary Design Trends

Despite its monarchic roots, this cut is incredible in versatility and also well–suited to modern design trends. More marquise cut stones are being incorporated into new and fresh settings that speak to a younger clientele creating bold and innovative pieces. It was popular during the late 60s to the early 70s but after a while, younger brides turned away from it. Happily, that has all changed as modern shoppers are taking a fresh look at this timeless stone.

 Given the marquise cut’s dip and subsequent surge in popularity, it fits seamlessly in the new trend of minimalist and geometric designs giving a new creative look on traditional gemstone jewelry.

Custom Engagement Rings

Engagement rings might be one of the most personalized pieces of jewelry, being the ultimate symbol of commitment and a promise of love. So for couples that seek a unique and personalized engagement ring, the marquise cut gemstone fits the bill. Its particular shape allows for customization options from modest solitaire settings to complex halo settings making sure that every ring is emblematic of love and individuality. Whether set in platinum, silver or rose gold, it will add a touch of romance to any proposal.

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Elegant Jewelry Settings

You can opt for:

  1. Classic Solitaire Settings: A solitaire setting is simply one where the center stone is set in piece by itself. Here, your marquise cut gemstone will shine taking center stage, especially paired with a simple prong setting. The stone will appear to magically float on the finger of the wearer exuding timeless charm. 
  2. Intricate Halo Designs: For those who seek optimum sparkle, halo settings with smaller diamonds or other gemstones are just the choice. It just upgrades the brilliance and dominance of the marquise cut center stone creating an entrancing effect. 

Maximizing Finger Length

Earlier in this guide, we mentioned one of the benefits of the marquise cut being its ability to create the illusion of a larger diamond or gemstone. It can also flatter the wearer’s finger. It does this by creating the illusion of length and slenderness making it an ideal choice for those who wish to achieve a slender appearance. Marquise cut gemstones are also well-suited to smaller hands because they can elongate the fingers visually without exaggerating its proportions. So, whether worn as a pendant or a ring, the marquise cut is that required shape. Buyers should note however, its pointed ends require careful setting to avoid chipping.

Versatile Gemstone Cut

The versatility of the marquise cut extends to its ability to blend with many other gemstones. Diamonds are the most famous choice for marquise cut gemstones, but the marquise cut gemstones can be applied to a wide variety of colored gemstones as well. The natural beauty of any gemstone will be showcased with the marquise cut whether it is a sapphire, amethyst or an aquamarine stone. Given its previously asserted history as a perfect stone for vintage pieces, it is also noteworthy that they are also perfect for creating heirloom-quality pieces that can be cherished for generations. Their enduring beauty will ensure they stay treasured family heirlooms for a very long time.

All in all, with the aforementioned factors, selecting a marquise cut gemstone should be a walk in the park. Pair it with the gemstone of your preference and create the piece of a lifetime. We at Saratti craft timeless radiant pieces with marquise cut gemstones. To create pieces that will truly stand the test of time, our designs are intricately crafted to display the charm and sparkle of each stone. 



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