March's Birthstone: Aquamarine

Delve into the rich history, lore and unique
qualities of March's pacific gem - a relic of ethereal tranquility!

Akoya Pearls - Astonishing Grade A Elegance!

Discover the allure of Akoya pearls and fascinating world of these lustrous treasures, renowned for their impeccable round shape, mirror-like luster, and delicate hues. Unveil the meticulous cultiv...

Discover the Magic of South Sea Pearls!

Delicate, luminescent orbs of pure elegance, South Sea pearls boast a natural radiance that is unrivaled in the world of gemstones. The article unravels the intriguing story behind these magnificen...
Beautiful Pearl Necklace | Modern Gem Jewelry

Pearls: Nature's Peerless Gems of Elegance and Grace

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of pearls, where nature's artistry meets skilled craftsmanship. Discover the remarkable process of their formation, from humble irritants to resplende...
The Emerald: May’s Enchanting Birthstone

The Emerald: May’s Enchanting Birthstone

May babies, get ready to be enchanted by the emerald, your birthstone that symbolizes vitality, health, and wealth! The name emerald comes from the Greek 'smaragdos' via the Old French 'Esmeralda'...
Learn About Sapphire Gemstones | Modern Gem Jewelry®

Learn About Sapphire

Natural Sapphire, regarded as a symbol of wisdom and good fortune, has been connected with royalty for centuries. The British Crown Jewels, which feature stunning blue sapphires, attest to the coun...
Learn About Topaz Stones | Modern Gem Jewelry®

Learn About Topaz

Learn all about Topaz is a gorgeous gem that occurs naturally in many beautiful shades, but very seldom in purple, pink, and dark blue. It is colorless or brown in its purest form.
Learn About Aquamarine Stone | Modern Gem Jewelry®

Learn About Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a beautiful, majestic gemstone that is associated with courage, loyalty, and friendship. In challenging situations, it is thought to promote calmness and peace. 
Learn About Tourmaline

Learn About Tourmaline

Natural Tourmaline is a splendid semi-precious gemstone, popularly known for its vast and diverse color spectrum.
Learn All About Emeralds | Modern Gem Jewelry®

Learn About Emerald

Natural Emerald, the birthstone for January Born, enhances foresight, good fortune, and youth as an emblem of reincarnation. Emeralds have also been believed to promote growth, peace, and harmony. 


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