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Why Diamond This 2022

Are you looking forward to giving an unforgettable gift to that loved one? It is easy to provide a gift for anyone, but not for a special one, someone incredibly dear to your heart. There is always that dilemma of what gift to give him or her that will always resonate in their hearts.



You are looking for a gift with so many sentiments and love. Whether it is for a birthday, an engagement, an anniversary, or even just a simple occasion, it is always a struggle to choose the gift that will be remembered for years. ONLY jewelry gifts can solve this plight. Diamond is the answer. 

  •  A leading Icon
  • As a leading icon in engagement and marriage, a diamond ring is still the most significant and crucial symbol. Even young people see a gleaming Diamond ring as a sign of commitment and love that is never-ending. 


  • The Pioneer of Engagement Stones
  • Diamonds were the first gemstones used in engagement rings, and when they were discovered in abundance in South Africa, the diamond industry advertised them as "The" engagement stone.


  • A Token of Commitment
  • In the past, engagement rings represented the husband's ownership over his spouse, but now they are a leading symbol of relationship and commitment. Today, with the variety of cultures where all kinds of love are valued, it's no surprise that more and more couples are using color to express their love with so many hues, shapes, and sizes to pick from.


  • A symbol of an unbreakable relationship
  • The word diamond is derived from the Greek word 'adamas,' which means invincible or unbreakable. Therefore, choosing a diamond for an engagement is to indirectly say to the person that your relationship will endure forever. Nobody wants a short-term relationship. Do you?


  • A symbol of fervent love
  • The Greek word `adamas` for the word diamonds is comparable to the Latin verb 'adamare,' which means 'to love fervently.' Diamonds have held unearthly powers in the eyes of people worldwide since it was found they can withstand both fire and steel. Choosing a diamond symbolizes the fervor of love in staying together despite the storms of life and the challenges that relationship faces.



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