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All You Need To Know About Ring Fingers

 The majority of individuals wear their wedding band on their left ring finger. But why is the wedding ring placed on the ring finger to begin with? Do spouses need to do this? The fascinating narrative of conventional ring finger placement is explored below, as well as why you may want (or not want) to follow this practice. Discover the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about engagement and promise rings, and the customs that surround them.

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Ring finger definition

The fourth finger of the left hand is known as the ring finger in many Western cultures. The assumption that this finger contains a vein that goes straight to the heart gave rise to the custom of placing a wedding ring there. The Ring Finger's Origins and Meaning The ring finger's heritage and meaning may be traced all the way back to prehistoric times. In the past, the ring finger was thought to have a vein that led directly to the heart, connecting the two wearers" This was known as Vena Amoris, or vein of love, by the ancient Romans. So, to symbolize the passion that the newlywed couple had, a ring was set on that precise finger to indicate the union formed on love, virtually bonding their two hearts. Unfortunately, contemporary anatomy reveals that all fingers have vein connections to the heart and there is not a single such vein, breaking the delightful symbolism.


Order of rings on the ring finger

You might think about stacking if you have chosen to wear your wedding bands and wedding bands on the same finger. Wedding bands are traditionally worn closest to the heart by married couples, which means they are at the bottom of the pile, under the engagement ring and pushed towards the base of the brass knuckles. If you wish to commemorate this on your wedding day, the most common technique is to swap your engagement ring from your left hand to your right hand shortly before you walk down the aisle. Your future spouse can now slip the band on their left finger. It can be completed with the engagement ring during or after the ceremony. Some ladies choose to have their wedding and engagement bands welded together for extra practicality. 


Is it acceptable for me to wear my wedding and engagement rings on different hands? 

Definitely! The decision is often based on personal or cultural preferences. Some women prefer to wear the engagement ring on the right ring finger and the wedding band on the left. Whether you want to continue a long-standing tradition or create your own is up to you.


When I'm not engaged or married, can I wear rings on my ring finger?

According to an ancient myth, wearing a non-binding ring on the left ring finger brings bad luck. You don't believe in superstitions? Wear the ring if it fits you! Wearing a ring on your finger, on the other hand, can signal to others that you're in a serious relationship, which isn't ideal if you're single.


Is it okay to wear rings all the time? 

While it may be tempting to wear those rings all the time, you'll want to avoid any damage to the rings, such as scratching the metal, hurting stones or disfiguring the setting. When cleaning (particularly if you're using chemicals), going to the gym or doing other physical activities, and even before sleeping, you'll want to remove the rings. Not only would removing the rings at night preserve them and prevent swelling, but it would also save you (or your partner) from waking up with scratches.


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